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We would like to invite you to join the NATCONSUMERS Stakeholder Community!

For the benefit of our research work, dissemination and exploitation of results we would like to connect with interested relevant parties. For this we have created a Project Stakeholder Community (PSC). It is an informal group of people, typically involving themselves in related business and research in the energy efficiency value chain. We aim for an open two-way dialogue by inviting the members to workshops, webinars and other events; and encouraging exchanges in social media platforms and on conference calls; moreover, we keep the members updated with  e-newsletters.


Participation is free and there are no mandatory requirements made for Stakeholder Community Members

Activities (optional):

  1. Provide feedback on the development and validate the findings of the NATCONSUMERS project in a written form or during meetings and/or conference calls
  2. Invited to workshops, webinars and meetings to define consumer groups, methodology and initiatives
  3. Participate in the final international workshop

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Knowledge sharing
    1. Gain deeper understanding of the end-consumer through NATCONSUMERS. The segmentation and feedback programmes developed through the project will be the most efficient on the market and will derive from a profound understanding of the differences and similarities of energy consumers across Europe
    2. Have the opportunity to steer the direction of the project to the benefit of their company’s interests
  2. Access to prototype: Upon the completion of the project, hear a presentation and have access to the prototype and the handbook of the development of natural language as a means of feedback on energy consumption
  3. Exposure: Have members’ company logo on NATCONSUMERS Community Members section on the project website to indicate their participation in the Community
  4. Networking opportunities: The PSC members are invited to workshops, meetings and webinars to discuss the project with the consortium members and other stakeholders and thus able to create new contacts and find collaboration potential also out of the project

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