Synergy meeting in on the human factor in the energy system

25 Jan 09:00:00 to 25 Jan 14:30:00 Mediterranean Palace Hotel

NATCONSUMERS project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and is aimed at raising consumer awareness on energy as a part of everyday life and provoking direct actions by making consumption visible and by summarizing it into tailored daily tips.

There are a number of relevant projects funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission, focusing on the sector of consumer behaviour, consumers and products, and energy services and projects funded by H2020 programmes New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency and  Distribution grid and retail market.  The synergy meeting will  bring together projects with similar aims to identify the cross-cutting issues and the synergies between projects that will help in addressing these.

The synergy meeting main target is twofold:

  • to introduce and share knowledge about project results among the EU funded projects, focusing on the sector of consumer behaviour, consumers and products, and energy services
  • to  define the way we will work together, identify common problems, discuss on methodologies to include human factor in energy systems that each project prepares, and establish a joint task force.








  • The point of view of NATCONSUMERS projectNATural Language Energy for Promoting CONSUMER Sustainable Behaviour’ (project Coordinator, Dr. Zoltan Kmetty Ariosz, Budapest, Hungary) View
  • The point of view of  FIESTA project ‘Family Intelligent Energy Saving Targeted Action’ (project Coordinator Dr. Fabio Tomasi, AREA Science Park Trieste, Italy)View
  • The point of view of GREENSOUL project ‘Eco-aware Persuasive Networked Data Devices for User Engagement in Energy Efficiency’ (project Coordinator Dr. Stelios Krinidis - Information Technologies Institute, Thessaloniki Greece)View
  • The point of view of SAVES project Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings’ – online connection, Joanna Romanowicz, Student Switch Off (Europe) Project Manager View





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Administrative and accommodation issues

Project Dissemination Leader

Draxis Enviromental SA

Tel: +30 2310 274566



Project Coordinator

Zoltan Kmetty PhD. Ariosz LTD

1033 Budapest, Sorompó u. 1, Hungary


Tel: +36303664611