Digital Solutions for Energy Efficiency in the Residential and Industrial Area

10 Jun 09:30:00 to 10 Jun 13:00:00 Edificio GAIA

The main goal of this event was to bring together different stakeholders of the Energy Efficiency value chain and present one representative example of each of them to contextualize the topic around the audience.

NATCONSUMERS project was used as the starting point and in that way Alejandro Alija (Izertis) presented the main objectives of this network and more specifically the Izertis main responsibilities.

After that presentations from different stakeholders were provided, as is described following:

  • Energy Efficiency for global industrial competitiveness. Energy Chair, Orkestra – Basque Institute for Competitiveness
  • Smart Analytics applied for Energy Efficiency. TECNALIA Research and Innovation
  • Bidelek Sareak project: realizing the Smart Grid. EVE – Basque Energy Board
  • i-Sare Smart Grid Project: the first intelligent micro-smart grid. GAIA cluster
  • Successful use cases: Near Technologies-Dominion, Meet Energy
  • Creation of added value services for residential consumers. EDP Spain

The event ended with a discussion table involving all the speakers and giving their perspectives about hot topics in the area.

From a NATCONSUMERS point of view the main aim was to increase the visibility over relevant audience, attract their attention and if possible incorporate them in the PSC community.

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