Design seminar with design students from La Cambre School of Visual Arts

01 Sep 00:00:00 to 01 Sep 00:00:00 La Cambre School

The design exercises conducted at La Cambre are aiming at developing illustrated scenarios showing promising instantiations of energy feedback solutions in domestic environments. The design exercise contributed as an external pilot to the NATCONSUMERS project. Scenarios produced by the students were presented to the NATCONSUMERS consortium and helped to focus and shape the NATCONSUMERS Design Jam hold in London in September 2016.

Main steps of the design journey for the 14 students were: 

#1 _ Investigating the factors influencing households energy use behaviours
Students investigated an household of their choice (relatives, friends) with a simple questionnaires and feedback their findings during a collective workshop exploring factors influencing households energy use behaviours.

#2 _ Exploring the natural language feedback instantiations
Students in pairs explored the principles of natural language feedback based on contextual analysis of household smart meter data. Starting from the different households they investigated, the students then imagined narratives describing feedback processes (including context, display and message) likely to influence positively energy usage behaviours. All the narratives generated were shared and clustered during a second collective workshop.

#3 _ Designing promising scenarios
Students discussed the most promising clusters of solutions and developed them into coherent products services systems proposals. Each proposal was presented through a slide presentation of the scenario explaining the starting hypothesis in terms of household behaviour change, presenting the product-service system, how it works and illustrating its use in 3 different households’ contexts.