28 Jan 09:00:00 to 29 Jan 18:00:00 Event Venue


28-29th, JANUARY 2016


Main goals of the Workshop

  • Overviewing the current status and future plans in relation to advanced metering infrastructure as well as transfer of consumption data or information to consumers in different EU countries.
  • Reviewing computational tools for the deep analysis of load profiles to identify consumer behaviours and related practical applications
  • Presenting different ICT approaches for the segmentation of electricity consumers as well as concrete real study cases
  • Discussing privacy and policy issues affecting implementation of feedback programmes
  • Generating value for NATCONSUMERS, through collective distillation exercises, and getting opinions from different stakeholders about feedback measures
  • Consolidating the path to establishing a Natural Language for Promoting Energy Consumer’s Sustainable Behaviour

Chairing: Thomas Mikkelsen, VaasaETT
WP Responsible: Anita Borch and Pål Strandbakken, SIFO
NATCONSUMERS Consortium Leader: Zsolt Virag, Ariosz 





08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-09:10 Welcoming

A special welcome by local organizer, IDAE representative

09:10-09:20 Brief NATCONSUMERS introduction

Zsolt Virag as Coordinator and Thomas Mikkelsen as Chairman of the event

  • Objectives and work plan of NATCONSUMERS
  • Objectives and plan of the day

09:20-09:40 Characterising energy consumers: Factors influencing residential energy consumption across Europe

Main conclusions about the review developed in deliverable 3.1 (also in one of the room walls SDS figure related to WS1)

09:40-12:10 Session 1 (S1): Smart meter and customer feedback measures deployment at EU level

During this session a general EU view about the regulative situation and future perspectives for smart meter roll-out, associated infrastructure as well as how governments are creating value to consumers from the information provided by smart meters will be presented. Also, the key role of telecoms in the smart grid building in general and in the implementation of feedback more specifically will be shown.

09:40-10:55 S1.1 Country-based study cases (15 min. each)

    • Spain. Carlos Garcia Barquero, Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, IDAE

      • Italy. Emanuele Regalini, Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas, AEEGSI

      • Ireland. Paul Brandon, The Irish Commission for Energy Regulation, CER


  • Norway. Heidi Kvalvåg, The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, NVE


    • France. Martin Régner, The French Environment and Energy Management Agency, ADEME


10:55-11:25 Coffee break

11:25-11:50 S1.2 The role of telcos for implementing a smart energy infrastructure and enhance the utility customer offering. Current situation and main trends

Radovan Sernec, Telecom expert, wide experience in FP7 and H2020 projects representing Telekom Slovenije

11:50-12:10 Distillation Session 1

In order to ensure that we take the most out of each presentation of experts to serve the Natconsumers project, each participant shares his/her answers to the two key following questions:

  • 1. Why is the content of this session pertinent/valuable for the Natconsumers project?
  • 2. What does it imply for the project?

The group collectively build a poster dedicated to this Distillation Session 1. Specific instructions will be given at the starting of the exercise

12:10-16:35 Session 2 (S2): Load profile analytics for discovering consumption behaviour and associated customer services

Within this block, a review of the available computational tools for extracting user knowledge from the analysis of consumption data will be made. Also, load profiles will be analysed deeply to identify which events, habits could be discovered from the analysis. Finally, several utilities will show previous/current customer applications or services based in smart meter data and they will debate the importance of this kind of services and the impact for customer engagement and loyalty

12:10-12:35 S2.1 Computational methodologies for knowledge extraction about consumer behavior using load profiles : A review

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-14:55 S2.3 The potential of power disaggregation for energy savings

14:55-15:25 S2.4 Customer services and customer intelligence applications based in analysis of smart meter data or other consumer information (10 min. each)



15:25-16:10 panel about future customer engagement from utility and telecom perspective

Participants: Thomas Vermeil (EDF), Björg Bisgaard (Seas-Nve)  

, Radovan Sernec, Victor M. Garcia (NEXUS), GALA (Italy)

Moderator: Thomas Mikkelsen

16:10-16:25 Distillation Session 2

Similar to the first edition, in that case focusing in session 2 topics

16:25-16:35 Break

16:35-18:30 Session 3 (S3): Clustering of electricity residential consumers

A review of the main ICT tools for the categorization of electrical consumers will be presented as well as real clustering pilots, extracting different groups of residential energy consumers

16:35-17:00 S3.1 Review of ICT clustering methodologies for the classification of electricity consumers

17:00-17:25 S3.2 Presentation of previous projects/studies

Pep Salas, ENERBYTE Smart Energy Solutions

17:25-17:50 S3.3 Review of the UK segmentation study in 2013

Björg Bisgaard (Seas-Nve)

17:50-18:10 S3.4 NATCONSUMERS segmentation approach

Zsolt Virag, Ariosz

18:10-18:30 Distillation Session 3

Similar to the previous distillation sessions


09:00-09:30 NATCONSUMERS natural language-based feedback methodology

09:00-09:20 From smart-meter to linguistic messages

Gracián Triviño, European Centre for Soft Computing, ECSC

09:20-09:30 Increasing user engagement by using human-like interfaces

09:30-11:00 Session 4 (S4): Pricing, energy regulation and data privacy

Issues affecting the development and implementation of feedback systems will be discussed in this slot (regulations, data privacy)

09:30-09:50 S4.1 Pricing schemes in EU and synergy with feedback measures for behavioural change

09:50-10:10 S4.2 Energy data privacy

and Javier Arranz (Consumer and User Organization, OCU)

10:10-10:35: S4.3 EU regulations focused in the involvement of consumers for the reduction of consumption in the residential area

Vicente Luque Cabal, AS-eu Consulting

10:35-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-13:30 Collective distillation and discussion groups about feedback

11:00-11:45 Workshops/4 groups of stakeholders discussing their view on feedback programmes/solutions for customer engagement and future perspectives

  • a.Feedback providers (leader)
  • b.Utilities, DSOs, Telekoms (leader)
  • c.Public administrations (leader)
  • d.Education/research (leader)

Groups are formed based on interest and knowledge. Specific instructions will be given at the starting of the exercise

11:45-12:30 Presentation of workshop results/discussion

Group leader will present discussion results

12:30-13:00 Guided and commented exhibition of the Distillation Posters

The four posters are quickly presented (5 min/each). Then participants visit the exhibition by themselves (10 min).

13:00-13:30 Main outputs and takeaway for NATCONSUMERS – Collective discussion

A collective discussion is held on how these 4 sessions feed the project and help orient in concrete ways the NATCONSUMERS project

13:30 Closing


Organization/company Country Type of stakeholder
ECSC ESP Research
SIFO NOR Research
RSE ITA Research
ADICONSUM ITA Consumer organisation
EST UK Consumer organisation
IDAE ESP Regulator
AEEGSI - Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas ITA Regulator
CER The Irish Commission for Energy Regulation IRL Regulator
NVE - The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate NOR Regulator
ADEME-The French Environment and Energy Management Agency FRA Regulator
Telecom expert SVN Telecom
IST-Superior Technical Institute Lisbon PRT Research
OPower UK Feedback provider
Mirubee ESP Feedback provider
Seas-Nve DNK Utility
EDF FRA Utility
NEXUS Energy ESP Utility
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki GRE Research
ENERBYTE Smart Energy Solutions ESP Feedback provider
OCU-Consumer and user organization ESP Consumer organization
AS-eu Consulting ESP Regulator
ITE-Technological Institute of Energy ESP Research
Enovos LUX utility
IST-Superior Technical Institute Lisbon PRT Research
IZERTIS ESP Feedback provider
Gala S.p.A. ITA Utility

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