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NATCONSUMERS is aiming at raising consumer awareness on energy as a daily life concerns, and provoking direct actions by making consumption visible and summarising it into tailored tips for energy consumption.

Energy Companies

Companies involved in the production and transport and sale of energy.

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Public/Energy Consumers

Consumer groups interested in finding ways to decrease their energy consumption

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Technological Partners

Companies which develop technologies to contribute to energy saving in households.

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Policy Makers

Regional, national and European Policy makers and energy regulators with a clear interest in the energy systems priorities.

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Research Community

Researchers interested in energy, social science, ICT.

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A definition of critical factors influencing European household’s electricity consumption. Study the potential of reducing household electricity consumption and bills in Europe through measures focused on consumer behavioural change.

A thorough and actionable methodology for the profiling of household consumers and the acquisition of relevant information about consumption habits.

An advanced segmentation of electrical consumers by integration of user profiling and smart meter information.

Tailored messages about direct actions to be implemented by consumers for reducing their consumption.

A feedback framework based on the provision of periodical customized text reports about electricity consumption, comparison with historical data and similar households and sustainable recommendation for the near future.

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